Gabrielle Moore A life in Art (2022)

“This book of my paintings was initially meant to consist of a few short sentences to accompany my works, but has somehow morphed into an autobiography, explaining the events and people who inspired me. I start by including my art school background but realised that the previous 17 years I spent in architectural offices around the world should perhaps be included too, along with many other experiences that have inevitably influenced my art.”

Handmade Christmas Cards (2021)

“Each year we receive a sizeable number of beautiful handmade Christmas cards, which have been kept and stored for safe keeping over the past 20 years or so. These cards always struck me as pretty ephemeral since people tend not to hold onto them once they are taken down. It therefore seems a good time, during this pandemic lockdown, to gather together a collection and save them for posterity by producing this book featuring a selection of them.”

Letters from Max to Lucy 1941-1945 (2013)

“The idea for this small book came about because in 2012, after the very sad death of my eldest brother Paul, I inherited a leather bound volume of come 400 letters that our father Max had sent to our mother Lucy during his WW2 service in the North African Campaign. It seemed a good idea to reproduce some of the letters and, along with a few remaining rare photos, leave this touching record for Max and Lucy’s many descendants.”